First show. Thanks to Mark Solotroff. June 2 1996 at The Pyramid.

SSHE Retina Stimulants, Orphx, Bloodyminded, Woe Is Me, Hydra (rest in peace Greg), MC


July 28, 1996, The Pyramid

Machine Gun TV, 36 (Nimrod), Bloodyminded, Woe Is Me, No


August 25, 1996, 159 Rivington “Destroy All Phi-Phenomena”

Malta, Rexor, Woe is Me, Emil Hagstrom/Cock E.S.P., Customer Service, Sean Smuda, Foe Toe, (sic), Jeff Mad Dog


November 25, 1996, The Pyramid

Atrax Morgue, Deathpile, Skin Crime, Bloodyminded, Woe Is Me, Progetto Morte, DJ: Slogun


October 21, 1996, The Pyramid

Crawl Unit, Scot Jenerik, Bloodyminded, Woe Is Me

“Also at the Pyramid, they had a great PA, monitors, and a real lighting system. Kind of made you care about performing. Woe is Me, (who opened) did one of the better noise sets that we’ve seen on the tour.” -Scot Jenerik


October 3, 1997, ABC No Rio, “Night of Fucking Noise Terror”

Woe is me, exercise in disgust, feltched, kzrt, audio damage laboratory and “many more”


September 1, 2006, The Lucky Cat, “UNSOUND”

Wilt, James Plotkin, Post Scriptum, Woe Is Me

“The first Woe Is Me live appearance in eight years featured vocal outbursts and general physical menace by Lino Reca (Hemlock, Villains) and kicked the event off with what was the most aggro set of the night. Brandishing a riding crop, broken beer bottles, a table and his own projectile saliva, lino screamed his black heart out while Johnny Woe twisted knobs and ruined eardrums with the grim determination of a drunken neurosurgeon. Much damage was done.”  – Leech